Defend it!

Have you ever heard the words I hate one direction,Salem’s Gomez is terrible,wait him that dumbass?  I have and when I hear those words it tares me apart, I hear those words every few days from my little brother from my other little brother and every time someone in my family says hey what tunes you listening to right now? I’ll be like one direction and you can tell by the look on their faces that they simply don’t approve. And then you don’t know what to say, and you feel like blowing up. Being at a loss of words in a group of say 10 people and not knowing how to defend yourself is my worst nightmare. When you hear those words whether its Justin bieber or Taylor swift or one direction the only way I have found to keep myself from blowing up is to say, yeah well its what I like and I’m happy to defend it any day. Most will give me a surprised look, I’m the quiet one but that doesn’t bother me, standing up for what you love will usually silence them to the point where  they wont mess with you again, and remember stay strong:).


2 thoughts on “Defend it!

  1. I love one direction, Niall is mine 🙂 I love to dance and read. The Fault In Our Stars and Hunger Games series are my fave books!
    Thanks for following me 😉 x

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