Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Ok, so, about three posts ago I blogged about my cousin Michael. If you read the blog you know that, Michael is 12, he has scoliosis, he is either in his wheelchair or in bed all day, he cannot speak with his mouth, he uses a iPad to communicate, you would also know that he needs treatment, and that his family has a fundraiser going on go fund me, a website that raises money for people who need it. His family have raised about $1,230 and their goal is $30,000. That’s how much the treatment costs. $30,000. Yes that’s a lot. And yes we have only raised $1,230.
But that is only because not a lot of people know about it. I want you to put yourself in Michaels parents shoes. Better yet, put yourself in Michaels shoes. Your in a wheelchair all day every day, wherever you go. You can’t speak. Your fed through a tube in your stomach because you cannot swallow, and the only thing that goes through that tube are homemade smoothies, water, and liquidated vitamins.
You cannot sit comfortably because you back is bent forward. You cannot hold anything with your hands. You have ten other siblings. You feel so helpless, yet your mom and dad have never given up. You bring joy into their lives. Just about the only thing you can do is smile or frown. And your in pain, every day, twenty four hours a day. If your mom doesn’t think you need something then you have to sit and sit and sit until your mother anticipates that you need something. Now back to who you are. You may not be able to end world hunger or make world peace or adopt a child. But I know and so do you that you can donate $5 to make one preteens life a whole lot easier. If everyone who follows my blog along with the people I know, donated $5 we would be at our goal. So please for the sake of the life of one child and for the love of his many family and friends, donate $5 and share this blog.


Carry Me Home

I’m blown away

Live & Learn

Jamie Scott , 30,  is a  British  singer, songwriter and producer. He started playing guitar and piano at the age of seven.  Scott is heavily influenced by 1970s artists like  Cat Stevens  and  James Taylor , and also by neo-soul artists like  D’Angelo . Scott has had major success as a song writer with many artists and is one of the main collaborators with UK boy band sensations  One Direction.

Jamie Scott official website.

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I don’t need your help!

Pressure. I am probably the most likely in my family to break under pressure. When my family says everything I’m doing is wrong just because I didn’t want their help, its like OK don’t cry, don’t cry. I mean my family can be very pressuring and if you do something alone and you like it they will find something wrong with what you did and then they say its because you didn’t ask for their help. I guess that’s part of why I don’t really tell my family about my Twitter or this blog. Its like how do I know their not gonna point out something that I did that they don’t like. That’s why I’m more of a private, closed off person. But when it comes to them hating on something I love, its like I have a flow of energy and I’m like you can hate on me but don’t hate on what I  love. Right now I’m trying to not cry, just because of how critical my family was today. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.

Michael Schwab Fund by Nate Schwab – GoFundMe

Hey guys the a above link will take you to a website for my cousin Michael, he has a pretty bad case of scoliosis so much that his back is bent in different ways that shouldn’t be possible, he also cannot speak on his own they use an iPad to communicate with him. He cannot eat on his own, he’s fed through a tube in his stomach, and his mom and sisters must make his food to a smoothie like mixture. The bones in his back and I think his skull need to be put back in the places they would be on you and I. His parents are trying to raise money for Neurocranial restructuring. He will have to have theses treatments once a month for about three years. They have raised $1,500 in last few days and their goal is $30,000. I’m pretty much sure that when I say I would do any thing for Michael that I’m speaking for most of my almost 34 cousins their parents and my grandpa. So if you could donate even $5 you
would make his life a little easier.
And please share. Thank you!

Memories made

Going through the videos from 4 years ago of one direction, and absolutely bawling when in every video Simons like okay your through and even the one where their like sorry you didn’t get through. But my favorite is when simon says, I’m just going with my heart here, your through.

#SingForNicole Campaign Skyrockets, Takes On New Meaning

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

PLANO (KRLD) — The social media exposure is skyrocketing for a Plano family trying to reach out to the band One Direction. Now, the Wilson family’s mission has grown into an even bigger cause.

“I woke up this morning and the Josh Abbott Band retweeted someone else’s tweet, and that’s kind of amazing because they are pretty big. So, that’s just kind of amazing that it’s getting that big already,” said Kelly Wilson.

Kelly lost her 15-year-old sister Nicole on Saturday due to complications from type 1 diabetes. Nicole loved the British boy band so much and their song, “Story of My Life.”

Kelly made a plea on Twitter Monday night, asking the band to dedicate the song to Nicole and the fight against diabetes during their Dallas concert in August.

“It’s kind of become more than just One Direction singing for her,” said Kelly. “On the Camp Sweeney website, we’ve already had…

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Please spread the word

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth


A Plano teen is asking everyone to help convince the band One Direction to play a song for her sister.

#SingforNicole was trending nationally on Twitter Tuesday, hours after Kelly Wilson started it.

She did it for her 15-year-old sister — who died this weekend from complications from diabetes — and was a huge One Direction fan.

Last night, Kelly tweeted this message to the band:

Since then people have been spreading the word about #singforNicole, including Rice Middle School, where Nicole went to school.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Kelly had not heard from the band.

However, she says she is getting retweet notifications from around the world and hopeful the band will pay this tribute to her sister.


Monica Lewinsky is breaking her silence about her affair with president Bill Clinton in an article for the…

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