Michael Schwab Fund by Nate Schwab – GoFundMe

Hey guys the a above link will take you to a website for my cousin Michael, he has a pretty bad case of scoliosis so much that his back is bent in different ways that shouldn’t be possible, he also cannot speak on his own they use an iPad to communicate with him. He cannot eat on his own, he’s fed through a tube in his stomach, and his mom and sisters must make his food to a smoothie like mixture. The bones in his back and I think his skull need to be put back in the places they would be on you and I. His parents are trying to raise money for Neurocranial restructuring. He will have to have theses treatments once a month for about three years. They have raised $1,500 in last few days and their goal is $30,000. I’m pretty much sure that when I say I would do any thing for Michael that I’m speaking for most of my almost 34 cousins their parents and my grandpa. So if you could donate even $5 you
would make his life a little easier.
And please share. Thank you!


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