Till I die

If you where here I’d tell you my life story
I’d tell you what I almost did,
I’d tell you what I’m scared of,
I’d tell you my crush,
I’d tell you……………….

But since your not here
Since your not even on this earth
I will put flowers on your grave
I’ll blow kisses hoping that you get them
I will do all this and more till the day I die to keep your memory alive


They don’t know

I said they couldn’t hurt me,
Those words that actually stabbed me,
I said that I was fine,
But little did they know what I did when they weren’t there

Wanna hear a joke?

So this mom was coming home from work and she had a meeting in 5 minutes. Well that morning she had forgotten her papers for the meeting.
So she called her home and her 2 year old answered, the mom without saying hi or asking who it was said OK I need some papers and I need to use the bathroom, I need the stuff on the patio so that I can use the bathroom, grab my stuff and go. The mom then hung up.
The two year old got the papers, and put them on the patio, he then went inside and went and got his little potty chair, and put it on the patio. When the mom got home her papers and the potty chair where sitting on the patio.

Like the sun, but not

Whenever life is hard
Whenever life pulls you down
Whenever the fire hurts so much
Your on the ground, and you can’t stand up

You have to fight back 
You have to be taller
You have to be stronger
You have to, not need to

You have to be bigger
You have to run farther
You have to be bolder
You have to stand up

So like the sun you will rise and when you have risen, you will be bright, and beautiful. And even when the sun gos down you can’t go down, you need to stand up

No one knows

No one knows what saved me
No one knows what I almost did
No one knows how many times I cried myself to sleep

No one tries to listen,
No one tries to hear,
No one tries to tell me that everything will be alright

But when I say that I’m depressed they laugh and smirk like its a joke.
When I almost tell them when I almost say what I almost did that would have made me leave forever

My throat is tight my words are jumbled so that even I can’t  know what I am saying, and still they don’t know,
So they don’t know cause they don’t listen,
They don’t take five to know I’m fine, all they take is what I cannot give, something even I don’t know what that is


Ya don’t apologize
Ya don’t explain
Ya don’t even try to show some shame
And even when ya see me cry ya don’t say, wanna talk?

Ya walk like ya own the world
Ya talk like ya don’t care
Ya try to win me back like now ya care
But that ain’t the worst cause when ya win me back its like replaying a meaningless song over and over again

I don’t talk I don’t smile
I don’t even move my feet
I just sit in silence thinking let me live or let me die
But since ya replay this song a lot ya just walk away and comeback and don’t explain

Two months

Hey I recently blogged about my cousin Michael who has scoliosis, the treatments start in august which is two  months away. For the treatments starting in august we need to raise $10,000, then $10,000 more needs to be raised for the next treatments August of next year, and $10,000 more needs to be raised in 2016 for that part of the treatment. Right now we only need $10,000 for this august, august 2014. I have no idea if you have donated but we have two months or else we have to wait till the next year to start treatments. So please share and spread the word