You couldn’t care less

You leave like you couldn’t care less
No explanation
No presentation
Not a word not a world could make you care

The only thing you leave is the strong reminder
That you couldn’t care less
Was it me? Is their someone else?
Should I care? Should I even try?

I thought we had it all
I thought we where in love
Was it just me? Was the feeling even mutual?
There where no signs that you where sad, no signs not even one

I laughed, you laughed, and the other way around, was it fake?
Was that even you?
I don’t know, cause you didn’t say a word no not even a word that you where gonna go

So goodbye, go off to your little world which I’m not in,
don’t comeback, don’t call me,
don’t even talk to my friends
Cause if you gonna leave like that then don’t comeback

Don’t even try


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