What happened today

-My best friend and I were walking down the street and she was all happy cause she has a boyfriend and she yelled something really loud, and four people were in their yard and they stared at her and I yell ignore her she has boyfriend.
-The same friend and I were walking down a different street and she saw a puppy on its lawn, and yelled puppy, the owner was about 10 feet away from the dog and heard my friend and looked at us, and I yell she ain’t mental, she’s dating someone.
-I was hanging out with my cousin and we were just sitting there on our phones and he playfully punched me in the knee, he’s like dude ow! And I’m like chill I’m fine, and he’s like no my knuckles!
-A little later the same cousin like squeezed my nose closed and he’s like you can’t breath and I’m like sure so why am I talking, and he just looks at me for a second then says I’m so stupid, that cousin is 15 years old.


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