This is it

I’m crying. Not inside my soul only, but real tears streaming down my face sitting in my room crying.
Let me explain.


This summer I was part of the crew for the play oliver twist by Charles dickens.
And tonight was our last night of the play. At first I was nervous. Wait, what? Nervous? But your part of the crew, not the cast! I know. But I was part of this for three months. I helped build a wall for a prop, I painted that wall, I sewed aprons, I made a new friend, I got closer to my other friends, I made another friend who I then developed a crush for and then found out that he had a girlfriend…..already. There where 3 nights of the play. And it was awesome.  On the last night when everyone bowed. I cried, I cried so hard that you couldn’t tell how much of the redness on my face was sunburn or from crying. I was part of something big yet small. I was for the first time part of something so big, that I felt proud and cried. There where 675 people in all at the play all three nights. And then my dad had to say he was proud of me and then I cried more. I know, its weird, and a little stupid, I cried over the ending of a play. And because my crush has a girlfriend (Sigh). This Is it, its over and I’m not happy.


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