I’m no longer that little girl who played with dolls,
Who ran around outside all day with no cares,
Those frilly dresses I once wore are long gone.
Now I text boys, fight with my parents, and sneak out of the house wearing mini skirts and low cut shirts.

But when I do this something inside me sometimes yearns for the days of no cares and dressing dolls,
Knowing that going back in time isn’t a choice, I dream constantly of the little house that we lived in, the room I had to my self but wanted to share with a big sister, now all I can do is look back, pretend to ignore the world, when what I really want is to go sit on the couch wearing sweats, watching supernatural, eating pizza, and drinking mountain dew, with harry styles.

But if I wish on that shooting star wanting a perfect life, world peace, no one dying, no one ever hurt, and cuddling with harry styles I know I won’t get them because its not reality.
Reality is what is happening today. What happened yesterday. And what will happen tomorrow. 


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