I’m tired of all her crap

Tired of life
Tired of the name calling
Tired of the teasing
Tired of the questions
Tired of the pain you leave behind
Tired of being left with the guilt
Tired of pretending
Tired of the lies
Tired of hiding
Tired of pretending the tears aren’t there
Tired of answering all the questions
Tired of you thinking its funny
Tired of being nice when your not
Tired of making excuses
Tired of not being pretty
Tired of my body
Tired of being tired just because of your attitude
Tired of you screaming at me when I so much as touch something of yours
Tired of your attitude toward me, your parents and him
I’m tired of my bestie only wanting to hang with my cousin not me
I’m tired of my Bestie pretending she’s not being a brat
I’m tired of all hell that she raises when I don’t include my cousin in everything even walking to her house for water
I’m tired of crying in my room alone while their hooking up
I’m tired of being the third wheel
I’m tired of being used
I’m tired of her screaming every time I touch arm to get her attention
I’m tired of her poking me gently and when I gently poke her back she screams but only when my cousin is around
Does she think she’s sexy screaming every time someone touch’s something of hers
I don’t know
All I seem to is know is that I’m tired of her crap that I have to deal with because all the rest of her friends are tired of it.


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