Caught in the middle

To matt-
She had a crush on you, you said you liked her back. But in the end you took advantage of her and left her alone crying. Now I’m caught in the middle, cause I’m her best friend. Caught in the middle of all your lies, caught in the middle of keeping you and her from fighting, caught in the middle of her pain, that you caused. You got back together with your old girlfriend but was still kissing my best friend. You didn’t tell her your back together with your girlfriend even after you and my best friend are over. She doesn’t know that you two are over and that your with somebody else. You say you don’t want to hurt her but by making me keep the secret of your girlfriend and you your hurting me to cause she’s my friend and your making me lie to her. You are my two best friends and because of that I don’t want to hurt either of you. So when you say you don’t want to hurt her, you might want to know that your hurting me to.


One thought on “Caught in the middle

  1. reality exists only where the mind creates a focus on! Focus on things you want to see even if they are not present yet! Why would you empower hurt emotion?

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