Let me rant for a bit

The stuff I did the other day, when the whole world fell apart, its still in peoples heads. And I’m sorry but there are worse things I could be doing than flirting with a boy or coloring my nails with a sharpie marker. I could be pregnant, drunk, high and a whole bunch more, my point is you tell me to be myself, but no flirting, no coloring your nails like that, no playing your music to loud, no eating half a half gallon of ice cream at midnight. And then you ask why I’m bored! Well I’m sorry! I’m bored because I’m following your rules! The ones you made! No you can’t watch a movie right now, no you can’t apply to soccer this year to expensive. I’m tired of trying to follow every rule you make, but to live my life and have a life, your gonna have ta loosen up.
Rant over.


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