Why I hate shopping

When I say I hate shopping people usually say, but you get clothes! What I really mean is I hate trying on clothes. But if we’re going grocery/school shopping, well, then I really do hate shopping. Its not because my mom doesn’t make a list or because she will spend 5 minutes in the veggie section, its not even because now and then she has me run out to the car cause her debit card has no money on it. Its because when we go shopping, I’m stuck with 2 younger siblings. Now my youngest sibling is an average 5 year old. Someone gives him candy, then he’s on a sugar rush for an hour then he drops like a 5 year old after a sugar rush. My other younger brother, well average is not a word to describe him. He’s 9, and on sugar or off sugar, he runs. Or skips, like how you imagine Ramona qiumby skipping to kindergarten. Shopping, at subway, at home, at the bank, even when my friends are around, which is seriously embarrassing. The 9 year old runs (skips) off, and the 5 year old follows him. And I usually find them at the pharmacy talking to the pharmacist about how we don’t get shots because our oldest brother got them several times and he got seriously sick.
All in all? Its. Very. Exhausting.


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