Fight like siblings, talk like cousins, hang like BFF’s

I don’t support everything you do.
But I do love someone who fights for what they believe in, even if I don’t believe in it.
If I like you that doesn’t mean I support everything you do. You say you love me and I know you don’t support everything I do. That’s what family is. Family stands behind family. Family stands up for family. Family fights for family. I don’t care if we are related by blood or not. If we love each other like family, then your family.
How do you know your family?
If you’ve know each other for over a year, can have a big fight, walk away and come back and apologize. That’s friends. But. If you hang out at each others houses, tell each other everything, and just about act like cousins. That’s family.
Some cousins are like siblings. Except you don’t tell your siblings everything. Family friends are like between cousins and siblings. You yell and scream at each other like siblings, tell each other everything like cousins, and hang out at each others house’s like best friends.
Ya know what I mean?


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