Things I hate

1. Tissue. If your using tissue it usually means, 1.Your sick, or 2.Your sad. I hate being sick and not being able to jump up and dance when 1D releases a new song without my head hurting. Being sad, well no one likes being sad. Although when I’m sad its usually because my grandma has been dead for 2 years and so now I can’t hug her and smell apple crisp, chocolate, honey, or peanut butter cups, all foods she liked to bake and/or eat.
2. Being home alone. I know! Ifunny is filled with, when no ones home but me I strip and dance my butt off. But me? No. I grab a big warm blanket, popcorn, chocolate, chips, juice, water, milk, put on a movie, grab the remote lay on the couch, and I. Do. Not. Move. until that movie is over even if I have to pee so bad.
3. Horror movies. Except for Annabell,  which I haven’t seen, but the trailer looked good. My best friend watched it and got kicked out of the theatre cause she wouldn’t stop screaming. Do not watch horror movies in theatre.
4. Bipolar hair. Some days my hair is so curly people think I got a perm. Other days its completely straight, which on me is, ug-ly. Either way its always 3 inches tall in evey direction.
5. Techno music. I grew up listening to it. And besides Eminem my brothers played nothing else for the longest time. Eminem and techno was all I listened to till I was about 10. I simply can’t stand it.


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