I have a friend, ashlin, and her life dream has been to be popular. But her idea of a popular girl is a bitch. Be in dance, play volleyball, wear nice clothes, be a bitch. That’s what will get you popular at ashlins school, and if your in the right grade, date a jock. So really she just wants to be in a group like in mean girls, or Cinderella story. So since she’s a bitch all day at school, we hang out and is a complete bitch to me and all her friends that don’t go to her school. She reminds me of those girls in movies, all nice at first, but then you hangout and she’s a total bitch. Bossing you around, yelling at you, never apologizing. Never even looking like she was sorry. She wasn’t always like, in fact this only started about a month ago. That’s why I deal with her crap. Because she’s better than this. That’s why if she gives me crap, I will give her more crap. She’s also a bitch to her parents, who have known her her whole life so they can testify that she wasn’t always a brat. They apologize to me all the time that my friend is such a brat. They have tried taking her phone away from her, they tried grounding her which meant no friends, no phone, no internet. But we all are just hoping its a teenage thing and that it will pass.


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