Comfort food

Now when some people think of comfort food they think, soup, bread, bagels, ice cream, pizza, rotisserie chicken. But me? I think hotdogs, slopped with humongous amounts of ketchup and mustard (like twice the amount of what you put on your hotdogs when you where young and then your mom yelled at you for wasting) and sandwich bread (not buns). Comfort food to me is something you have when you break your leg, or a relative or friend dies. Like legit, if someone dies, and at the dinner where the family feeds everyone who came to the funeral, I will pretend to eat, because who wants peach cobbler, chocolate cake, cherry pudding, or green salad after someone dies? Well, you might, but me? No. I will pretend to eat, then go home, and stuff myself with hotdogs slopped with ketchup and mustard on sandwich bread. And if you say well this was their favorite food, so we will eat it at their funeral dinner, you all know that they said their favorite comfort food was cherry pudding, but we all know its a Big. Juicy. Burger.


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