Inside my brain at night

OMG, I cannot sleep
Wait! Does that mean someone’s thinking about me right now?!?!?!?!? Well someone probably is considering I didn’t text him back, but only because my WiFi turns off at 10:00pm! Its really not my fault………….

Is that a spider?
No just my leg hairs
I should shave my legs
Do I have razors?
Mmhhh I should check

Why is it so cold in here?
I’ve got like a bagillion blankets on

You know what I don’t even care anymore I’m gonna sleep.
Is that a ghost?!?!?!?!? Great now there’s a ghost in my room, its probably the kind that murders you while you sleep.

I swear all my friends have a million Slelfies that are exactly the same. I have ten selfies, all different.

I can’t even right now.
Literally, I can’t even.
I. Can’t. Even.

I wonder if he thought I was cute? Girl. No one thinks your cute, don’t even with me right now.

I hate arguing with my brain
Its to smart for me

I’m hungry.


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