I’m one of them

I am one of those people. Not gay, or luv knitting, or whatever. I’m not completely sure there’s a name for what I am. The fact is, I luv Christmas. I know! I’m one of those people! You should never trust people like me, we can make you luv Christmas even if you’ve hated it your whole life. The decorated house’s, the iced cookies, the big Christmas tree, the music, the smell. There’s something about Christmas that when it comes around, it smells like Christmas. Like dark chocolate, dark chocolate has its own smell. Christmas does to. The town I live in isn’t very festive when it comes to Christmas, but the towns surrounding it? They. Go. All. Out. Its like its a rule that every town should be covered in Christmas, except ours. But this does not stop me. My mother is not big on the idea of christmassy stuff hanging all over the house. Which gives me a huge advantage, it means I can go all out on my room with the decorations my mother won’t use. Now my sister doesn’t like the idea either, but then I said if your not gonna keep your crap off the floor, I can get in the spirit of Christmas. Now Christmas seems so far away, I know. But technically its not fault that I wrote a post on Christmas at 12:00 in the morning (central time), blame it on Neon Trees. The band. I was listening to their song, Wish List (luv that song!!!!!!) so thought, what the hell? Its my blog. xD


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