And you don’t even know

You make me smile when I’m down
You make me laugh when all else fails
You make me jump up when life sucks
And you don’t even know me

Slelfie on instagram, tweet on twitter post on Facebook, it don’t matter
Kiss a fan, get coffee, buy a shirt, toss your hair around.
I gotta crush on you and we haven’t even met

When no one else is there for me you sing
When no one else is there for me you smile
When no one else is there for me you laugh
When no one else is there, you are, and you don’t even know it


Wanna hear a joke?

So this mom was coming home from work and she had a meeting in 5 minutes. Well that morning she had forgotten her papers for the meeting.
So she called her home and her 2 year old answered, the mom without saying hi or asking who it was said OK I need some papers and I need to use the bathroom, I need the stuff on the patio so that I can use the bathroom, grab my stuff and go. The mom then hung up.
The two year old got the papers, and put them on the patio, he then went inside and went and got his little potty chair, and put it on the patio. When the mom got home her papers and the potty chair where sitting on the patio.

I don’t need your help!

Pressure. I am probably the most likely in my family to break under pressure. When my family says everything I’m doing is wrong just because I didn’t want their help, its like OK don’t cry, don’t cry. I mean my family can be very pressuring and if you do something alone and you like it they will find something wrong with what you did and then they say its because you didn’t ask for their help. I guess that’s part of why I don’t really tell my family about my Twitter or this blog. Its like how do I know their not gonna point out something that I did that they don’t like. That’s why I’m more of a private, closed off person. But when it comes to them hating on something I love, its like I have a flow of energy and I’m like you can hate on me but don’t hate on what I  love. Right now I’m trying to not cry, just because of how critical my family was today. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.