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Harry Styles | He is who he is:

He is who he is
The ending wasn’t strong but the rest made me tear up.


So if your gonna break my heart, break it quickly

Before she died this is what she said.
Don’t worry Lydia, soon boys will be knocking at your door like there’s no  tomorrow, but be mindful, your heart will be Broken, many times. I haven’t thrown away that advice, but when I’m with you, you make me feel so crazy, that I might as well have. So if you break my heart, break it quickly. Either break it quickly or don’t break it. Cause the pain of not being with you, would be like dying slowly and the pain would rip me apart. And then I will feel like I threw away the few last words she said to me. And although I’ve never been to hell, I have heard story’s. And I think that it would be worse than hell. Both loosing you and throwing away my grandmothers few last words. So if your gonna break my heart, break it quickly.

Right now……….ugh

The call, by Regina spector. It explains every feeling and thought that I’m feeling and that is going through my head. People who are very special in my life are moving to another state and I have a crush on a guy…….but he has a girlfriend, and a play that I helped with is over and right now I’m just really tired of things changing and other things staying the same. So I’m just really depressed.

This is it

I’m crying. Not inside my soul only, but real tears streaming down my face sitting in my room crying.
Let me explain.


This summer I was part of the crew for the play oliver twist by Charles dickens.
And tonight was our last night of the play. At first I was nervous. Wait, what? Nervous? But your part of the crew, not the cast! I know. But I was part of this for three months. I helped build a wall for a prop, I painted that wall, I sewed aprons, I made a new friend, I got closer to my other friends, I made another friend who I then developed a crush for and then found out that he had a girlfriend…..already. There where 3 nights of the play. And it was awesome.  On the last night when everyone bowed. I cried, I cried so hard that you couldn’t tell how much of the redness on my face was sunburn or from crying. I was part of something big yet small. I was for the first time part of something so big, that I felt proud and cried. There where 675 people in all at the play all three nights. And then my dad had to say he was proud of me and then I cried more. I know, its weird, and a little stupid, I cried over the ending of a play. And because my crush has a girlfriend (Sigh). This Is it, its over and I’m not happy.

Its over

I never expected to cry
I never thought I might feel this love
I never wanted to do this, but now I want it more than anything

At first it was just a job, something to do this summer
And then I made new friends
And then I developed a crush
And then I found out that my crush has a GF
And then I was nervous
And then it was over
And then I cried
And then I realised, Its over.