Life felt so safe

I saw a picture on Facebook today of the 2 of you smiling at the camera with smiles that are so familiar yet pushed so far back in my memory. Those faces smiled at me as you woke me up and fed me granola and yogurt each morning after each day I spent at your house. Those eyes laughed warmly and never showed fear and for a short time I felt safe. Those hands tied my boots and buttoned my coat to go play in the snow, or go apple picking. Those voices teased me saying I had dad wrapped around my finger and that I’d have a boyfriend soon, even if I was only 10. Those smiles encouraged me to keep walking down the isle when I was a bridesmaid at age 9. It hurts that I’m forgetting these memory’s, but it makes me feel better knowing that seeing your faces brought all those good times back. Those where the days when I lived in the moment, not the memory.


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