Its not right

When I was 8, I was introduced to the history of Christopher Columbus, the Mayflower, George Washington, and every popular war. What all these people and wars have in common is that someone was usually fighting for freedom. Freedom to worship peacefully, freedom to legally be of a different race, freedom to be its own country, freedom to live. People came to this country mostly to be able to worship the god they believed in, peacefully. There was of course a rocky start. But slowly they got what they wanted and before long america was where everyone wanted to be. They went through war, they got a president, and then they went through more crap.

I’m just really angry that our ancestors came to this land to worship how they wanted and now people are being beat up on the same land for worshiping how they want to.


5 things I love/will never give up

1. My Christianity
Yeah you might say she’s just a 14 year old girl, she has no idea what the world will throw at her, and your right, I don’t, that’s why I need god, because I don’t know.
2. My grandmas birth stone
Along with my birth stone and a plain cross, I have my grandmas birthstone on a chain around my neck, never taken it off since the day I got it, so I always have my grandma with me.
3. The one direction family
I know, its just a band. Don’t. Even. Go. There.
4. My close knit DNA related family
They have weird traditions, they have tempers, there are some that I have not met, but I love them to death.
5. People
Someone recently asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, a nurse, her immediate reaction was, you love people that much? Yes, in fact I do, the blood doesn’t bother me, and I like helping people.

What goes through my brain

There are things I’ve done, things I never want replayed, things I never want anyone to do. And yet, somehow, someone, finds out. And I’m not in trouble, but its just to embarrassing to show my face one the street again.

Society: be yourself
Society: no not like that

Blah blah blah

No one cares

Dude, I know my ass is cute (not really) but seriously, stop touching it

I have an idea, shut up

If I die young I want all my one direction stuff buried with me

Before I die tell my family I have a blog

Yep, I’m going to hell

It was……….VERY different

I recently visited a baptist church and this is my description of what I saw happen and what I think.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a church service where the only cross in the sanctuary was on the christian flag, where the pastor was yelling like a brand new father except he was yelling about god is love, where there is no altar, where the pastor wore a suit, where I thought the whole service was bible class but with hymns, and it has never been so hard to follow along to what the pastor is saying just because he’s yelling and walking around the whole sanctuary and talking about his apple tree that doesn’t grow fruit and then somehow tying it with god is love