When I cry my tears I don’t want you to ask why, I want you to understand.
Understand that he is moving. Understand that he’s been here 7 years.
Understand that this is hard for me cause he’s family. Understand I’m trying to be brave. Understand that for those who have lost to much already losing more is worse than the worst pain. Understand that I’m already not living life, I’m just living. So when he leaves in less than 5 weeks I will cry tears and they will not be happy ones. So please understand.


5 thoughts on “Understand

  1. Dear…! reality exists only where the mind creates a focus on!
    Don’t punish yourself with those thoughts!
    Choose life! Your heart is hungry for life!

      • this is exactly what you must do- your life is in you and not outside of you! There is time for joy and time for sorrow, those things changes. Don’t allow them to change you! You have to master them! Chose life! You don’t have to deny feelings but chose them. Go through sorrow, if needed, but never let them to have YOU! There is difference if you have them or they have YOU! You can have them but they still not have you!

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